Weekly Spending Report

I got the money I pulled from my RRSPs for the Lifelong Learning Program! Hooray! Now I’m waiting for it to appear as a credit on my credit card, so I can make my final tuition payment ever!

-$4.98 Starbucks
-$117.42 Car Loan

-$87.89 Car Insurance

-$5.55 Serious Coffee

No spend day!

-$4.98 Starbucks
-$6.89 Walmart
-$14 Noodle Box
-$6.61 Superstore
-$5.59 London Drugs

+$3,525 from RRSPs for school
-$3,525 to credit card (to then pay for school)
-$17 gas
-$2.07 Tim Horton’s
-$7.97 groceries

-$42.40 groceries

In: +$3,525
Out: -$3,643.03
Bill Payments: -$87.89

Debt Payments: -$117.42

  • I hope your final tuition payment is more momentous than mine was! :) Even though I didn’t see fireworks or feel a rush of euphoria, it is great knowing that I’ll never have to give up that much money to go through these stressful classes and be tested and want to go to sleep for 1,000 years! (Come on, I know I’m not the only one who feels this way about school!)

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