Weekly Spending Report

This week was my last week of freedom for a while (I’ll explain why in my next post) and I ended up going out for a few meals. But, because I’m almost completely maxed out still, I paid for everything using cash and, honestly, that’s a feat in itself (for me)! How sad, lol.

-$117.42 Car Loan
-$87.89 car insurance
-$5.40 gym class

-$5.88 Fujiya
-$3.65 Qoola
-$33.59 Sims 3
-$26.23 gas

-$32.48 3-week parking pass for school
-$6 towards pizza

No spend day!

-$14.82 breakfast
-$11.20 hot yoga

No spend day!

-$17.62 breakfast

In: $0
Out: -$156.87
Bill Payments: -$87.89

Debt Payments: -$117.42

  • Hmmm.. last week of freedom. I can only imagine what it could be. Is it A) LC will start a new load of summer coursework, B) LC signed a recording contract with Sony Music and will be busy making a multi-platinum pop music album, C) LC met a gorgeous Frechman at her hot yoga class, got married, and will be moving to Nice, France with him, or D) All of the above.

    I’m all caught up in suspense! : )

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