Weekly Spending Report

In the past, a few bloggers have written posts re: adding gift cards and cash to our budgets and, since I received a few as birthday gifts, I have decided to treat each of them like a mini bank account.

For my birthday, I was given a total of: $150 cash, $40 to Starbucks, and $25 to the liquor store. The cash will be used towards new running shoes and running gear and the gift cards will obviously be used to purchase my fuel and fire. For once in my life, I am going to keep track of how I spend every cent of my birthday gifts.

One of my girlfriends who reads this blog gave me a Starbucks gift card and made a point of writing, “I don’t want to see ‘-$2.91 Starbucks’ on BOAB for a while!” in the card. I am still going to write it, but I will also include the balance of my cards after it (see Friday’s example).

And, if you want to know, the other gifts I was spoiled with include: two bottles of wine, two boxes of my favourite cookies from Australia, a package of beach-themed products from Lush, a green iPod Shuffle to run with (versus carrying my iPhone), and a bottle of Clinique’s dramatically different moisturizing gel. This blonde is feeling loved. :)

Oh, and with what I paid on debt this week, my debt is now below the -$25,000 mark!

No spend day!

+$68.51 Amazon.ca

No spend day!

+$150 cash (birthday)
+$40 in gift cards to Starbucks (birthday)
+$25 gift card to the liquor store (birthday)
-$75 driver’s license renewal fee
-$1.96 Starbucks

-$149 Personal Loan
-$600 School Loan
-$65 credit cards
-$87.62 cell phone
-$2.91 Starbucks (Balance: +$37.09)
-$9.50 lunch from concession at the beach
-$11.34 groceries for BBQ dinner

-$110.15 textbooks

-$39.62 gas
-$20.98 groceries

In: +$1,392.69 + $215 gifts
Out: -$193.55
Bill Payments: -$162.62

Debt Payments: -$814

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