Weekly Spending Report

No spend day!

-$8.80 groceries

-$5.50 gym class

-$87.89 car insurance

-$149 Personal Loan
-$600 School Loan
-$75 credit cards
-$86.44 cell phone

-$40 gas
-$2.91 Starbucks
-$13 lunch
-$19.01 Chapters

-$18.03 breakfast w/ the girls
-$2.91 Starbucks
-$32.60 groceries
-$27.13 birth control

In: +$1,320.75
Out: -$169.89
Bill Payments: -$174.33

Debt Payments: -$884

  • The fact that you’re putting $600 toward your student loans is just awesome. And even when you get Sbucks, you are obviously finding cheaper options (as opposed to my $5 latte). Keep up the great work!

  • So, I wanted to start from the beginning of your blogs (See my initial comment on your “About” page regarding my current situation, etc.) and I noticed you started budgeting based on paycheque to paycheque? Did this later change for you? Somehow, years back, I managed to carry over funds from previous paycheques to ensure I have enough funds to pay off my bills. I know if I keep reading that I will compile information that would be useful to me. I just so eager to get on the right track.

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