Weekly Spending Report

Friday was my first pay day since February 18, 2011 and it was amazing! Oh, until I realized how crazy broke I’m going to be, during my aggressive debt repayment plan. Anyway.

I splurged on Friday, for my girlfriend’s birthday. We stayed in, ordered pizza, drank wine and split a little cake. Yum, yum. It wasn’t until writing this report when I realized that night cost me more than $30. $30! It doesn’t sound like much but my broke ass can’t afford another birthday for a while. But Father’s Day is next weekend and Mom’s birthday is the week after. Yikes.

-$70 Baby Sis (forgot I owed her)
-$149 Personal Loan
-$550 School Loan
-$6.44 lunch
-$15 pizza
-$8.59 wine
-$7.99 birthday cake

-$4.49 groceries

-$2.67 Starbucks
-$22 gas
-$19.22 groceries

In: +$1,231.37
Out: -$86.40
Debt Payments: -$739

  • Birthdays can be expensive :( But I’d say $30 is relatively cheap for a birthday (so don’t feel guilty)! I usually spend much more than that unfortunately :(

    You’re already paying off your debt SO much and snowballing your debt- so I think sometimes we all need to cut ourselves some slack :)

    • I agree, -$30 isn’t that bad… but I potentially only have $70 for the next 9 days sooo that’s actually a huge chunk of change! But, I am expecting an +$800 tuition reimbursement this week or next, so I might be ok…

      Thanks for your comment :)

  • Yea, good call on not worrying about gifts. Mom said she’d buy what I wanted to get him (Harry Potter 7: Part 1) and then I can just help w/ dinner, dessert, etc.

    As for her birthday, I paid for Mother’s Day stuff, so Dad can pay for this. ;)

  • I think you’re doing great! A $700+ debt repayment is awesome. Did you get a job right when you got back from Toronto? Did it take you awhile to find one?

    • Oops, forgot to reply to this… I was actually just on a leave of absence from work, so my job was waiting for me…

  • This has already been said, but I think you’re doing AWESOME! $30 for a birthday isn’t bad, and you probably would have spent a lot more had you decided to go out rather than stay in. And $4.44 on groceries? Woah…I spent like 10 times that every week (at least!) You basically put half your pay cheque toward your debt, which to me qualifies as “aggressive debt repayment.” Keep up the good work!!

    • Aww, thanks! I’m struggling today, because I feel crazy broke… but I know it’s worth it. I’m sitting on the couch I own, typing on the MacBook I bought… it doesn’t matter if I don’t have money to go out w/ friends tonight because I am still a lucky girl.

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