Shopping Ban

On July 7, 2014, I set out to complete a yearlong shopping ban.

The rules for the first year were fairly simple: I couldn’t buy anything new (with the exception of a few items on my approved shopping list) unless I had to replace it. I also wasn’t allowed to get takeout coffee, as it was my biggest vice and a huge drain in my budget.

Here’s what happened in Year 1:

I successfully completed the ban on July 6, 2015 – and then decided to do it all over again.

The rules for the second year are essentially the same – and include a new approved shopping list – but I’m considering this year more of an experiment than anything else. Why? Because the one thing I regret not doing in Year 1 is tracking everything I did buy. So, that’s what I’m going to do.

I won’t be tracking how much food I buy/consume… I just want to track how many physical items I purchase, so I can show what an average female consumer might need to buy in a year. My guess is it’s a lot less than any of us can imagine, and I’ll be tracking my progress here.

Number of items purchased in Year 2:

While this might all sound trivial, my ultimate goal is sincere: I want to live a life with more purpose. I’ve made conscious decisions to get out of debt, stop excusing my laziness and cut drinking from my list of hobbies. However, I’m still not the conscious consumer I’d like to be.

The two-year shopping ban ends on July 6, 2016. Will you join me? :)