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What It Really Means to Do What You Love

October 24, 2016

What It Really Means to Do What You Love

This is a guest post by my friend Jennifer of the blog Simply + Fiercely.

When I was twenty-two, I decided that I was tired of my life and did something I’m almost scared to admit on a personal finance blog; I dropped out of university, bought a one-way ticket to London, and boarded a plane with nothing but a backpack, a work visa, and a meagre $500 in my pocket.

I landed at Heathrow after a long and difficult flight (I was sick on the plane) feeling completely lost, exhausted, and disoriented – but also happier than I’d ever felt in my life.

Despite the pitiful exchange rate, my limited funds (I realized I had enough to sustain me for exactly seven days – provided I stuck to a strict diet of peanut butter sandwiches) and the fact that I knew absolutely no one in London, I was beyond excited.

For the first time in my life, I was doing what I loved.

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Why I Stopped Tracking Everything (and Started Making Intentional Decisions)

October 11, 2016

Why I Stopped Tracking Everything (and Started Making Intentional Decisions)

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One of the first things I learned on the road was that it would be impossible to maintain any kind of routine. The time I woke up varied day-to-day, the methods of physical activity I did changed in each state and climate, and I don’t think I ever ate the same meal twice (except when I did a brunch tour of Colorado and tried at least five different versions of Eggs Benedict during my time there).

Before I left, the exact opposite was true. I had streamlined so many processes that my life almost felt like it was on autopilot. I woke up at the same time, made coffee, ate the same foods, worked the same hours, took the same days off and spent them with the same people. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this – in fact, it’s incredible how quickly I’ve slipped back into my regular life, since coming home, and I’m grateful for that. It took years to create this and I’m happy to be living it again.

But there’s one routine I ditched on the side of the road that I will be happy to never pick up again: tracking things on a daily basis.

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You Can’t Change Your Life Without Changing Your Life

October 3, 2016

You Can't Change Your Life Without Changing Your Life

Remember when I said I was going to take two weeks off from the blog, so I could relax during the rest of my road trip and would come back on October 10th? I lied. Well, I didn’t lie at the time… but my thoughts changed, plans changed, and dates changed shortly after – and this became a pattern I cycled through over and over again in the final few days of my trip.

“Can I crash with you next Tuesday?” I would ask.

“Sorry, this Saturday?”

“Actually, can I come tomorrow (Friday)?” [insert cute emojis so friend doesn’t hate you]

I apologized for being scattered, and those apologies were sincere. But I wasn’t sorry for the why behind the questions, which was that I was ready to go home.

After seven weeks on the road, I had gotten everything I wanted from the trip, and even more that I never expected. The thought of seeing or doing anything more felt like it would push me into the travel version of information overload. I didn’t need more, when I’d already gotten more than enough. So, my plans changed and dates changed… and now I’m back home in Victoria, and it feels so good to be here.

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