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The List of Women I’ve Wasted Money Trying to Become

October 19, 2016

The List of Women I've Wasted Money Trying to Become

This is a guest post from my friend Chelsea Fagan, founder of The Financial Diet. TFD has quickly become one of my favourite sites because of the refreshingly honest stories and opinions they publish. I finally got to meet Chelsea and Lauren at FinCon, and am excited to continue our conversations when I visit NYC next month. If you want to learn more about Chelsea, I would also suggest listening to her interview on the Real Talk Radio podcast.

One of the ideas that’s been hardest to accept in my journey to become totally in-control of my spending is that there is no one item I can buy that will make me a different person. On some level, it’s easy to blame global media and advertising for my subconscious perception as a woman that this lipstick or that blazer will transform who I am, but I know that it’s more than that. I’m someone who has always had an extremely difficult time managing my impulse spending — especially when it’s directly driven by my anxiety — and I know that my own battle with thinking I can spend myself into a person I like more is mostly in my head. Yes, I am a victim of a society that pretends women can put on another persona like a themed Barbie, but I am also someone who is soothed and reassured by spending money.

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Coffee Date With Carrie Smith

September 21, 2016

Coffee Date With Carrie Smith

Hi friends! It’s hard for me to believe how quickly the time has passed, but I’ve officially been on the road for 5.5 weeks (and will be home in just 2 weeks!). In that time, I’ve driven more than 10,000km and visited 17 states. And I don’t want to pick favourites, but Colorado had the unfair advantage of being both beautiful and the home of my best blogging friend, Carrie Smith.

You probably know of Carrie as my better half on the Budgets and Cents podcast, but I first knew her as Careful Cents. We started our blogs at the exact same time, became fast friends and have been roommates at FinCon every year since 2012. And even though we’ve spent a lot of time working together this year, I didn’t realize how much I missed seeing her in-person until I got to Boulder.

In the few days we spent together, we went hiking, drank coffee and ate sooo much delicious food! Carrie also helped me make some big business decisions, and we even recorded a bonus episode of the podcast (you can find it in iTunes now). Before I left, I asked if she would answer a few questions for the blog, so you guys can learn more about one of my favourite people.

Enjoy! And if you see us at FinCon this weekend, please say hi! xo

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On Taking a Big Swing

July 27, 2016

On Taking a Big Swing

On the podcast this week, Carrie and I talked about our goal-setting strategies. This guest post from our friend Shannon McNay couldn’t be more timely and adds even more food for thought.  Enjoy!

One of my favorite things about Cait is that, no matter what she does, she either goes big or goes home. She got fed up with her debt so she tackled that beast faster than most people manage to accumulate it. She wanted to change her view on spending so she went on a one-year (then two-year!) shopping ban.

Every time Cait takes a swing, she aims for the fences – something I think we can all learn from.

So many articles will tell you to take small, sustainable steps to a better life. And I should know – I’m often writing this advice myself. But as I get older, I’m finding it harder to fit it all in (even when all of the “it”s are small things). And I’m starting to wonder if real change is better taken in one huge fell swoop – like ripping the bandaid off.

Rather than bunting and going for first base, what if we took a big, fat swing every time? What if we forgot about trying to score first base, then second base, then finally home? What if instead we always went for the home run?

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