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Coffee Date With Garrett Philbin

November 25, 2016

Coffee Date With Garrett Philbin

When I was on the road, I started this series so you could get to know some of the people I was spending time with. There was Anthony in Minneapolis, Carrie in Boulder, and I finally got to meet Ms. ONL at FinCon. But there was one person who I was texting with all along the way, and we didn’t actually meet until the tail end of both of our road trips – and that’s Garrett.

If you’ve read my last few posts, you have probably already gathered that Garrett is a fairly new friend, and that he has quickly become one of my best. I’m still not entirely sure how that happened, but hey, don’t fight the universe, right? And I think we both agree that we do have the universe (and the internet) to thank, because Garrett ended up going on a 7-week road trip at the exact same time I did and to many of the same states. We didn’t cross paths until we got to FinCon in San Diego, but we connected early on, stayed in touch and shared road trip experiences all throughout. (You can read more about his here and here.) And since returning from our individual trips, we’ve stayed connected and continued to build a pretty amazing friendship.

If we didn’t have enough travel stories to bond over, Garrett also works in the personal finance space – as a money coach, through his business Be Awesome Not Broke! I have witnessed some of the work he does with his clients, and am continually impressed by how smart, caring and passionate he is. (He also makes a killer spreadsheet.) And when I heard him say that he helps people “budget with their goals and values” on XYPN Radio, I thought… wow, have we met!? (We had.) So for this last interview of the year, I thought I should introduce you all to Garrett. Based on everything I’ve just shared, it probably won’t surprise you that we plan on partnering up and doing some pretty cool things together next year. I’ll let him take it from here. :)

Before we get started: you don’t actually drink coffee, do you? (This is already awkward lol.)

Ummm, yeaaa… you might have to retitle this series now. Am I cool enough for that to happen?! Don’t answer that. Actually, it’s not that I DON’T drink coffee… I do every couple of weeks. It’s more that I shouldn’t drink coffee. I have more than enough energy as is (as Cait can attest), and when I drink coffee I get a massive jolt of energy and kind of feel drunk at the same time. So pretty much coffee is like a Four Loko for me.

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Coffee Date With Ms. Our Next Life

October 26, 2016

Coffee Date With Ms. Our Next Life

When I was on the road, I started this series so you guys could get to know some of the people I was spending time with. Even though I’m home now, there are still a few people I connected with who I want you to learn more about – and Ms. Our Next Life (ONL) is one of them.

If you’ve been reading for at least the past few months, you should recognize her name. Ms. ONL wrote the first guest post I shared while I was tackling a week of long driving days, and it contained lessons that I carried with me on the road. It doesn’t surprise me that she was able to do that; Ms. ONL’s writing is always thought-provoking, as she constantly tackles the deeper thoughts and considerations around retiring early (which she and Mr. ONL plan to do in 2017). We didn’t get to spend “enough” time together at FinCon this year, but the time we did have quickly shifted our friendship from online to offline. I can’t wait to see her again at FinCon next year (if I don’t road trip to her home first!). Based on this Q&A, I think you’ll understand why we became fast friends. :)

Before we get started: how do you take your coffee? Or what would you order if we were at a coffee shop?

Mr. ONL is the most down-to-Earth guy, and is a snob about nothing… except coffee. So we drink whatever locally roasted beans he’s chosen that week. But hey, he makes me coffee every day, so no complaints! If work is paying, or we’re splurging with a coffee date, I love an almond milk latte, extra hot. Always hot, no matter the weather.

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The List of Women I’ve Wasted Money Trying to Become

October 19, 2016

The List of Women I've Wasted Money Trying to Become

This is a guest post from my friend Chelsea Fagan, founder of The Financial Diet. TFD has quickly become one of my favourite sites because of the refreshingly honest stories and opinions they publish. I finally got to meet Chelsea and Lauren at FinCon, and am excited to continue our conversations when I visit NYC next month. If you want to learn more about Chelsea, I would also suggest listening to her interview on the Real Talk Radio podcast.

One of the ideas that’s been hardest to accept in my journey to become totally in-control of my spending is that there is no one item I can buy that will make me a different person. On some level, it’s easy to blame global media and advertising for my subconscious perception as a woman that this lipstick or that blazer will transform who I am, but I know that it’s more than that. I’m someone who has always had an extremely difficult time managing my impulse spending — especially when it’s directly driven by my anxiety — and I know that my own battle with thinking I can spend myself into a person I like more is mostly in my head. Yes, I am a victim of a society that pretends women can put on another persona like a themed Barbie, but I am also someone who is soothed and reassured by spending money.

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