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How I Plan to Cut My Business Expenses in Half This Year

February 20, 2017

How I Plan to Cut My Business Expenses in Half This Year

Since quitting my job in 2015, I’ve intentionally chosen not to write about my business too much. It’s not the topic I want to be known for, and there are bloggers who do a much better job of it already. However, my good friend Kara who runs bravely keeps reminding me that being transparent and sharing the details (including the numbers) has the power to help other women who want to start their own businesses. Being transparent is already part of my M.O., and my numbers have never been off limits. So, if there’s a chance that sharing this information could help even one person, I think I’ll publish my numbers once a year.

It probably makes the most sense to show you my overall numbers at the end of each year, so that will be the plan. However, since I’ve never published this before, I’ll start by sharing some of last year’s numbers so we have something to compare this year’s to. Last week, I mentioned that one of my two new financial goals is to cut back on my expenses and run a lean business this year; that goal only exists because I was not happy with how much I spent in 2016. You might thinking running an online business would be cheap, but somehow I managed to spend exactly $14,000 on mine. Here’s a quick breakdown of where that total came from:

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You Don’t Have to Do It All Right Now

November 30, 2016

You Don't Have to Do It All Right Now

It’s no secret that I’ve done a lot of living this year. I travelled to Squamish (multiple times), Whistler, Tofino, Toronto, New York, and 18 other states on my road trip. I made Adventure Tuesday a priority, and explored many new trails on Vancouver Island. I started running again. I fell in love with snowshoeing. And I went on my very first (and certainly not my last) solo writing retreat.

My friends in Victoria often tease and ask how I’m enjoying my retirement. I laugh it off, but sometimes feel like it’s true. While in previous years I did a lot more working than living, I intentionally chose to do the opposite in 2016. As each month passed, I worked a little less and lived a little more, and it’s been wonderful. However, I’m ready to shift back into work mode – and have realized I can’t “do it all”.

That hasn’t been an easy realization to come to. When I came home from my road trip, I brought back with me a long list of ideas, to-dos and new projects to work on. The list includes another season of Budgets and Cents, a new podcast, more print products and a course. Some projects will be done solo, others with partners (Carrie and Garrett), and the new podcast will include many voices.

I also want to make some changes to the blog, namely around the design. I want to do a content audit and clean up some of my old stuff. I plan to switch my email list from MailChimp over to ConvertKit. I have ideas for check-ins and new challenges for the Mindful Budgeting community. I’ve promised Carrie I’ll finally start using Asana. And I would like to start working with a business/creative coach.

As you can see, the list of things I want to work on is long… and doesn’t include any of the travel plans I want to make! But I can’t do any of it yet, because there’s one big thing I need to finish first: my book.

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Coffee Date With Ms. Our Next Life

October 26, 2016

Coffee Date With Ms. Our Next Life

When I was on the road, I started this series so you guys could get to know some of the people I was spending time with. Even though I’m home now, there are still a few people I connected with who I want you to learn more about – and Ms. Our Next Life (ONL) is one of them.

If you’ve been reading for at least the past few months, you should recognize her name. Ms. ONL wrote the first guest post I shared while I was tackling a week of long driving days, and it contained lessons that I carried with me on the road. It doesn’t surprise me that she was able to do that; Ms. ONL’s writing is always thought-provoking, as she constantly tackles the deeper thoughts and considerations around retiring early (which she and Mr. ONL plan to do in 2017). We didn’t get to spend “enough” time together at FinCon this year, but the time we did have quickly shifted our friendship from online to offline. I can’t wait to see her again at FinCon next year (if I don’t road trip to her home first!). Based on this Q&A, I think you’ll understand why we became fast friends. :)

Before we get started: how do you take your coffee? Or what would you order if we were at a coffee shop?

Mr. ONL is the most down-to-Earth guy, and is a snob about nothing… except coffee. So we drink whatever locally roasted beans he’s chosen that week. But hey, he makes me coffee every day, so no complaints! If work is paying, or we’re splurging with a coffee date, I love an almond milk latte, extra hot. Always hot, no matter the weather.

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