Mindful Budgeting

Mindful Budgeting 2016 Planner: $30 + Shipping


Do you hate the feeling of having no money, and finding it all disappears a few days after every payday? What about the feeling you get when you see your friends tackling big financial goals, like going on dream vacations and buying homes, which all seems impossible for you?

I believe we are all in control of our financial futures – and, more often than not, our own spending is what stops us from achieving our goals.

Imagine if you were able to pay for your living expenses, set aside some money for your financial goals and still have a few of your “wants”, and it was all within your budget. How much better would that feel? Would you be willing to change your spending habits, to make it happen?

Over the past four years, I’ve paid off $30,000 of debt, built up an emergency fund, saved for retirement, travelled, and cut down my spending so much that I live on 50-60% of my income.

There was no budgeting app or secret formula that helped make it all happen. All I did was make a habit of taking a more mindful approach to my personal finances – and it’s changed everything about the way I see numbers.

Now, I’ve built an entire program around the exact system I use to tackle all of my financial goals. If you’re looking for a tool that can help you stop making impulse purchases, start making mindful decisions and move you in the direction you want your financial life to be going, this is it.

Inside the Mindful Budgeting 2016 Planner, you’ll find:

  • Daily spending sheets, where you can track both your spending and your to-do list items (this is the reason I created the planner!)
  • Weekly check-ins, which will help you reflect on the week that’s just ended and get ready for the one ahead
  • Unique monthly check-ins
  • Monthly budget templates
  • Quarterly exercises to map out your goals and make sure your budget aligns with them
  • Spreadsheets to track both your debt repayment and savings progress
  • Calendars (with Canada and USA holidays)
  • Instructions on how to use the planner daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly, and
  • The link to a closed Facebook group for people who are using the program (a safe space to talk about discoveries you’ve made and wins that need to be shared).

The planner itself is:

  • 6 x 9 inches
  • 340 pages (the size of a good book!)
  • Hard cover with matte finish

You can purchase the Mindful Budgeting 2016 Planner in the following currencies:

Mindful Budgeting Program: $17


The Mindful Budgeting Program consists of 2 PDF files, which include:

  • The story of my relationship with money, so you know where I started and can see how it changed as I built these templates and check-ins into my routine
  • 5 x weekly spending sheets with 3 questions to ask yourself at the end of each week
  • 1 x monthly budget template
  • 1 x monthly check-in sheet with 5 questions to ask yourself before you enter a new month
  • 1 x blank monthly calendar template, so you can keep track of any important financial dates and have space to write your goals for the month
  • My suggestions on how to use each of the templates, and
  • The link to a closed Facebook group for people who are using the program (a safe space to talk about discoveries you’ve made and wins that need to be shared).


“I will definitely be using this, especially the weekly and monthly check-ins – those alone will change the way people manage their finances.” – Carrie Smith, Careful Cents