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July 2016

On Taking a Big Swing

July 27, 2016

On Taking a Big Swing

On the podcast this week, Carrie and I talked about our goal-setting strategies. This guest post from our friend Shannon McNay couldn’t be more timely and adds even more food for thought.  Enjoy!

One of my favorite things about Cait is that, no matter what she does, she either goes big or goes home. She got fed up with her debt so she tackled that beast faster than most people manage to accumulate it. She wanted to change her view on spending so she went on a one-year (then two-year!) shopping ban.

Every time Cait takes a swing, she aims for the fences – something I think we can all learn from.

So many articles will tell you to take small, sustainable steps to a better life. And I should know – I’m often writing this advice myself. But as I get older, I’m finding it harder to fit it all in (even when all of the “it”s are small things). And I’m starting to wonder if real change is better taken in one huge fell swoop – like ripping the bandaid off.

Rather than bunting and going for first base, what if we took a big, fat swing every time? What if we forgot about trying to score first base, then second base, then finally home? What if instead we always went for the home run?

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A Very Special Announcement: I’m Writing a Book With Hay House!

July 20, 2016

A Very Special Announcement: I'm Writing a Book With Hay House!

I’ve spent the first half of this year slowing down—way down. After working for what seemed like almost every waking hour in the last half of 2015, I knew I needed to scale back some of my client work and schedule a little more time for myself. I had two plans for what I wanted to do with those extra hours. First, I wanted to get outside and explore more of this island with the people I love; people who had been so excited for me to move back to Victoria, and waited patiently for me to stop working around the clock. The second thing I wanted to do was finish writing my book proposal—and that goal was a little scarier, because it came with so many unknowns.

I didn’t know how to begin the writing process. I didn’t know how to balance the actual storytelling with the descriptions of what each chapter was going to include. I didn’t know how to write an overview. And I knew things like my audience, my marketing ideas (a podcast to go with it!) and my book launch plans. But I didn’t know if taking a step back from my client work and earning less money for a few months to finish writing it all down was going to be worth it. At the end of the day, I didn’t know if any publisher was going to like my idea. I only knew I would regret not taking the time to finish writing my proposal and, with the help of my incredible agent, put it out into the world.

As you can imagine, based on the title of this post, all the work paid off. A publisher did love my idea—and now I am officially writing a book!

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Two Years Without Shopping: What I Bought, Donated and Learned to Be True

July 11, 2016

Two Years Without Shopping: What I Bought, Donated and Learned to Be True

Last week, I celebrated my 31st birthday. I say “celebrated” somewhat loosely, as it was a pretty quiet day. I had breakfast, coffee and dinner dates with friends, with a nap somewhere in the middle of it all, as well as a bubble bath/book and some work before bed. It was almost like any other day – slow and relaxed, even a little anticlimactic – and that’s the same way I would describe the ending of my two-year shopping ban, which also came and went in silence last week.

If you’ve been reading for a while, you know that my first yearlong shopping ban taught me lessons that changed my life forever. On top of having to break my worst spending habits (books and takeout coffee), the ban forced me to figure out why I always thought consuming something could fix a problem or make life better (it can’t). My goal was to become a more conscious consumer, and I did that. But I decided to extend the ban for one reason: to figure out how much I consume in a year.

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