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July 2015

Going Back to a Simpler Life is Not a Step Backward

July 27, 2015


There’s a lot of change happening in my life, right now. Four weeks ago, I left the full-time job I’d had for three years to become a full-time freelancer, and I’m very happy to say it’s been a successful start. I’m still trying to get into a groove of managing multiple clients and projects (as a planner, the lack of routine drives me crazy sometimes). But I’ve genuinely enjoyed everything I’ve worked on, so far, and the feelings I wake up with every day serve as a reminder that I made the right decision. It’s the most challenging blessing I could’ve asked for, at this stage in my life.

When I decided to quit my job, back in June, there was another decision I was toying with… and that’s where I wanted to live. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know I’ve moved many times over the years. In 2012, I left my hometown of Victoria, BC and moved to Toronto for work. I stayed there for a little less than a year, before I asked if I could move to Vancouver and work remotely. And I’ve spent the last two years in Greater Vancouver, and have loved so many things about being there… but it’s never felt like my forever home.

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It’s Good to Be Home

July 24, 2015


I’m sorry for the disappearing act, friends. I could never have expected the type of feedback I received at the end of the first yearlong shopping ban… to be honest, it’s been a bit overwhelming – in the best way possible, of course. I appreciate every single comment, email and Facebook message that has come through, as well as all the support from friends and fellow bloggers who helped spread the word. I have loved connecting with so many new people over the past two weeks. :)

One thing I truly didn’t expect, though, was the volume of you who have come forward and said you’re going to join me for the second yearlong shopping ban. Continue Reading…