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November 2014

Freebie Friday: Kobo Aura

November 28, 2014

Before I tell you about this week’s giveaway, I want to congratulate the winner of last week’s giveaway: Shannon S. Hope the Amazon Gift Card helps with your holiday budget!

Two Christmases ago, my parents bought me an e-reader and it was a life changer. Finally, I could read in bed in the dark while laying on my side. Or on the TTC in Toronto while commuting to/from work. It was amazing. I’ll never understand why it took me so long to jump aboard the e-reader train, but now I’m here to stay.

Having an e-reader has also been helpful in my decision to live a more minimalist lifestyle. I had no problem donating more than half of my hard copy books to my local library, when I did that massive declutter/purge this past summer, and know I’ll donate many more (after I finally read them). I’d eventually like to only have my e-reader plus a few favourites – that’s it, nothing more.

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Are the Experts Killing Our Savings Potential?

November 24, 2014

If you’ve been following my posts since the summer, you know I’m partway through a yearlong shopping ban, in an attempt to live off less of my income and save more money. The idea was sparked by a conversation with a friend who told me she saved 20% of her income each month and, therefore, felt she could spend the other 80% on whatever she wanted. The comment was one I’d heard and read dozens of times before, yet it took her saying it for me to finally have the aha! moment and ask: do you actually need 80% of your income, or could you live off less and save more?

I don’t blame her for thinking that saving 20% was enough. Heck, I’d thought the same way for an entire year, up until that point. My budgets were literally written around the fact that I would first save 20% of my income and then allocate the other 80% to everything else. Now that I’ve reworked my monthly budget and have seen how much I can actually save each month (a lot more than 20% when I don’t travel), I’ve finally realized something: we’ve been doing it backwards, all this time.

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Freebie Friday: $50 Amazon Gift Card

November 21, 2014

Before I tell you about this week’s giveaway, I want to congratulate the winner of last week’s giveaway: Derek. I hope you enjoy your new Tuft & Needle mattress!

If you’re like me, you’ve already started your Christmas shopping and are getting ready for the holiday season. Before you call me crazy, remember that I always try to do my shopping in November, so I can actually enjoy the month of December. This year, I wanted to get everything done even sooner, because I’m travelling December 4-14th and won’t have much time to shop before Santa Claus comes to town. My list is pretty short, as the Flanders are doing Christmas a little differently this year (will tell you more about that later), but I’m already close to going over budget because of a few random gifts I’ve picked up here and there.

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