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October 2014

Update: October 2014 Budget & Goals

October 31, 2014


I don’t really know how to start this post other than by saying that October 2014 was an amazing month. I travelled to Denver and Victoria. I finally met Clare and Drew, and watched them say “I do”. I saw my family and friends. Sarah and I made big strides on our project. I was invited to speak on a panel. I felt like my writing was more inspired (some of it you haven’t read yet). And I finally met and got to spend some time with David.

In keeping with the theme in Monday’s post, I’m just realizing how good life is these days. I started Blonde on a Budget (v1) in October 2010. I didn’t write my first budget until November 2011, though, which means I’ve been doing this budgeting thing for three full years now. Some months are good, some months are full of red… but I’ve stuck to it and am so grateful I have. Without my budgets, I don’t think I could accomplish half the things I do each year – especially this year, with all the travelling I’ve done. And without you guys, I wouldn’t have anyone to stay accountable to. Thanks for always cheering me on and for coming here to talk money with me. Now, let’s see how October finished up…

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Decluttering: Christmas Decorations

October 29, 2014


So, remember when I went through every closet, cupboard, and drawer in my apartment this summer and decluttered/purged everything I could? Well, there were actually a few small boxes I ignored, during that process. And by ignore, I mean I literally didn’t open them. I knew what was inside and I knew I wasn’t ready to go through them, so I pushed the boxes to the back of my bedroom closet and told myself I’d deal with them at Christmas. Well, Christmas came early…

If you know me in-person, or if you’ve read my posts around Christmas time before, you know I love the holiday season. I love the cooler weather, all the lights, the smells, the traditions and the feelings of nostalgia. I loved playing Santa in our house (bringing up the gifts and putting them under the tree, when Baby Bro and Baby Sis were asleep) when I was a teenager. Now, I love seeing my “niece’s” face light up when she hears even a whisper of his name. The whole season just puts a little bit of magic into the air, and I can’t get enough of it.

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Why You Must Make Peace with Your Financial Situation

October 27, 2014


When I look back at all the various stages my finances have been in over the past four years, I see one troubling and recurring theme: I am constantly dissatisfied with whatever situation I’m in. Of course, this made sense when I realized I was maxed out; that was my financial rock bottom – the worst situation to be in. But even as I was digging myself out of debt, all I could feel was the weight of the bad situation I’d first put myself in. I couldn’t “see” or really celebrate the milestones: $10,000 paid off, $17,000 paid off, $25,000 paid off, etc. Instead, I was always mad at myself for living in denial as long as I did. I was mad at my debt for forcing me to miss out on fun opportunities. And I felt stupid. I was a smart person. Why had I done this to myself?

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