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July 2014

Update: July 2014 Budget & Goals

July 31, 2014


REMEMBER: You can download this budget template!

Well, it was quite a month – not exactly the one I’d planned, but in some ways it was even better. I celebrated my 29th birthday, went to Whistler with friends, had friends from Victoria and Toronto come stay with me, started a new yearlong shopping ban, gave up takeout coffee, hosted my first meet-up and, in a massive declutter/purge, removed 377 items (42% of my belongings) from my apartment. Whew! Now, let’s look at how my numbers finished up, then talk about how my budget posts will be written going forward.

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Decluttering: Bathroom and Kitchen Items

July 28, 2014


Today’s post is the last in a series that has chronicled a massive declutter/purge of items from my apartment. So far, I’ve removed 105 clothing/shoe/bag items, 70 books and office supplies, and 110 other random household objects from my home. In those three posts alone, I surpassed my goal to get rid of at least 250 items in total, so anything in this last post is just a bonus.

I need to start by saying that, before tackling my bathroom, I honestly believed I didn’t have that much “stuff” in the cupboard under my sink. I thought I’d find a few bottles of shower gel, some travel-sized containers and an extra lotion or two… but that’s about it. After pulling everything out, I was stunned to find I owned all of that + dozens of other items. Seriously, I filled the sink to give you a visual.

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TGIF: Thanks for a Great First Meet-up!

July 25, 2014

I didn’t take a single picture on my phone this week, other than of the final steps of my decluttering process, so no beautiful BC shots today, I’m afraid. Truthfully, the weather changed quite drastically this week, as it often does on the “wet coast”. Don’t tell anyone, but I loved every minute of it. Despite the fact that I’m a summer baby, I much prefer the fall. Give me crisp air, warm sweaters, a little rain and weekends under a blanket with a book any day.

Of course, I’m grateful the clouds parted for a few hours last night, before I drove downtown to my first planned meet-up with some Vancouver readers. Walking into it, I had no idea what to expect – but the night went better than I could’ve hoped. Imagine sitting in a circle with a bunch of like-minded individuals / strangers, talking about what you learned about money growing up, how much debt you once had, what your financial goals are, how you scrimp and save, and so on. It was just like the conversations we have here but offline… and I LOVED it!

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