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June 2014

TGIF: We’re All Grown Up!

June 27, 2014


This trip home to Victoria has felt like… well, quite a trip – down memory lane, that is. I haven’t seen many friends, as I’ve been trying to soak up some quality time with family. Last night, Baby Bro (Ben) graduated from high school, which means the three of us (including Baby Sis, Alli) are no longer “kids”. It’s exciting to think we’re all past that stage of our lives, mostly because, as the eldest, I’ve always been anxious to see what my siblings would be like as adults. What will they do after university? Where will their careers take them? And will we stay this close, as we get older?

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My Lifetime Costs of Car Ownership

June 23, 2014


Have you ever thought about how much it costs to own and operate a vehicle? Sure, we budget for insurance, gas and maintenance, but have you ever really crunched the numbers and added up the total amount you’ve paid for it all in your lifetime? My post about Vancouver’s gas prices this weekend inspired me to do just that… and the numbers aren’t pretty.

When I first started driving in 2001, I think gas was around $0.75/litre. At 16, I bombed around Victoria in my mom’s 1991 Hyundai Excel. Her name was Roxy and I loved her. With a small tank, it usually only cost me $30 to fill her up, and the insurance was less than $110/month (this was considered expensive but I was a new driver with no insurance discounts). I obviously didn’t track my spending back then, but let’s assume it cost me $200/month to drive that car around in 2001.

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TGIF: Taking Online Friendships Offline

June 20, 2014


Sometimes I feel awestruck about the fact that I’ve developed so many wonderful friendships and relationships with people whom I first met online. I have friends I met on Twitter, a few I met through Instagram and so many more because of this blog.

Three times this week, I’ve realized how strong the connections we make with people online can really be. First, after reading each other’s blogs for a good year or so now, Sara and I finally met and had dinner on my last night in Toronto. I was going to say “we talked like old friends,” but she took the words out of my mouth in her post about our meet-up. I am so glad we met, and hope we can do it again when she’s here this summer or whenever I’m out there next.

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