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April 2014

Update: April 2014 Budget & Goals

April 30, 2014

april 2014 budget

REMEMBER: You can download this budget template!

Oh, April. The month in which I had to fork out $500 for a wedding and still decided to spend money on myself. There’s a lot of red in this budget, but the one positive I can share is that I did pay for everything with cash. Still, let’s see how the month finished up…

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TGIF: Wedding Weekend Edition

April 25, 2014

wedding gown

After months of planning, partying and prepping, tomorrow is my girlfriends’ wedding day. She and I first met on April Fool’s Day in 1997; I remember, because it was the same day I had to get braces and I was sure I’d be the punch line of all the boys’ jokes. Instead, I returned at recess and discovered a new girl had come to the school and joined my class. Her name was the same as a popular weight loss program, which is probably the sole reason she will be taking her husband’s last name. We were both tomboys and quickly bonded over our love for basketball, baggy t-shirts and tearaway pants. As true tomboys, we didn’t talk much about actual boys, other than when we gushed over celebrity basketball and soccer players. All we cared about was winning provincials, eating chips and drinking pop – you know, serious business.

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What I Love and Hate About Living in Greater Vancouver

April 23, 2014

pitt meadows dykes

Over the long weekend, I had a flashback: last Easter was my final weekend of couch-surfing with various friends, while looking for my first apartment in New Westminster. On the Tuesday after, I finally found a place to call home. As you know, I’ve lived in a few places since then, but still – I have lived in Greater Vancouver for a year now. Seriously, where has the time gone!?

By no means do I consider myself a “Vancouverite” yet… I’m still an island girl, through and through. But a year seems like a good amount of time to get a feel for a place. I don’t need my GPS anymore (unless I’m going somewhere totally new). I’ve figured out most of the highways (key word: most). And I have made new friends. These are all wins in my eyes.

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