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February 2014

TGIF: On the Right Track

February 28, 2014

snow in victoria

For the past 7 days, everything in my life has felt… right. It started when I delivered my presentation last Friday. All week, I had been stressing out about memorizing it, so I wouldn’t blank on stage. When I finally got up there, I realized I’d been worrying for nothing; it was my story to tell, and I knew it better than anyone. It helped to have a few friendly faces in the crowd, of course, but the audience clapped and cheered after a couple of my slides (especially the one where I talked about how personal finance should be taught in school). I’ve been on a high ever since, thinking about next steps for a number of projects on my back burner…

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The Days of Large Tax Refunds are Over

February 26, 2014

From 2010-2012, I was a full-time university student for at least a few months of each year. I don’t know much about how that changes things at tax time in the U.S. or around the world, but in Canada, your tuition is claimed (via your T2202A tax receipt) with your personal income tax return and can lead to a serious refund (a.k.a. cash back in your pocket!).

In 2010, I was a full-time student for 6 months, and my tax refund was:

2010 tax refund

In 2011, I was a full-time student for 12 months, so my tax refund went up to:

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TGIF: The Pre-Travel Marathon

February 21, 2014

storm over port moody

I’m sure the short posts made it obvious, but I didn’t have much time to write this week – or, truthfully, much to write about at all. Knowing this was my last week at home for a while, I spent my spare time doing odd things around the condo, seeing friends and eating the last of what was in my fridge. Today, I’ll likely be out the door from 9am to 10pm, and with an alarm set for 4:30am tomorrow morning, so I can catch the first ferry home to Victoria. I know I’ll feel good once I get on that boat, but the next 24 hours will feel like the marathon that leads up to that finish line.

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