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December 2012

Update: December 2012 Budget & Goals

December 31, 2012

Well, we’re finally here, friends: the last day of 2012. And, unfortunately, I’m seeing a whole lot of red!

Nothing about this month’s budget really surprises me, except that I stopped tracking my spending this past week in Victoria, so I’m making a bit of a guestimate there. I do know how much money was in my chequing account when I got here, and how much I have leftover, so we’ll go with that (yikes).

Before looking at the red, let’s talk about the black. I paid off $500 of debt this month, bringing my total down to exactly -$6,500! I also saved $500. My original plan for this month was to put 17.5% of my budget towards debt repayment and another 17.5% into savings. With my overages in other areas, I only ended up putting 15% towards both (so 30% total). I’m still happy with that.

In the red, most of the numbers are small… except for my two trips. NYC ended up costing me more because a) I finally bought a pair of boots and b) I did a little clothes shopping. And if you follow me in Instagram, you may already know what I did a lot of in Victoria: eating out. Oh, and I got my hair done too. (I’m super blonde now!)

Ok, so the numbers aren’t great… let’s see how my monthly goals shaped up.

Other goals for this month:

  • Track my spending and continue posting weekly spending reports –FAIL! I stopped tracking in my second week at home in Victoria.
  • Continue counting calories on Lose It! – FAIL! But I decided to stop doing this, on purpose. I’ve been counting calories for almost an entire year and have a pretty good idea of how much food is too much food now.
  • Workout 3x per week – FAIL! I did workout 7x this month, though, which is much better than my last few months.
  • Read my very first book club book – FAIL! I got about 1/2 way through it…
  • Soak up every minute of my time in NYC and Victoria – PASS :D

I could easily focus on how much red I’m seeing in this post but the fact is I had an amazing month. I got to cross something off my bucket list, spend time with family and friends, and really enjoy myself. And not a single penny of it is stuck in credit card debt.

Happy New Year, everyone! How did your month (and year) finish up?

Twenty Twelve: The Year I Changed My Life

December 28, 2012

Twenty twelve has been a year of big changes for me. On January 1st, I moved back out into my own apartment in Victoria. In September, I accepted a new job and moved to Toronto. But there were so many details, moments, and goals met in-between that got me from one place to the other. So, I’ve decided to take a look back and see just how much the various areas of my life have changed this year:

2012 was obviously the best year my finances have ever seen. First, I paid off more than $11,000 of debt, including all of my credit card debt. And second, I learned how to save – not much, but it was better than nothing. This year, I saved more than $1,600 in my RRSPs and have about the same in an Emergency Fund. I know, those numbers are small… but I’m the girl who used to pull from her savings on a weekly basis. In doing all of this, I’ve gone from having a negative net worth at the beginning of the year to finally reaching a positive net worth. Today, my net worth is about +$7,250. It can only go up from here, right?

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Merry Christmas, Friends!

December 25, 2012

On Thursday, I flew home to Victoria for the holidays. I was excited to see that my family had left the tree undecorated, so we could do that as a family. We spent Christmas Eve eating dinner and watching Rudolph together (tradition). Baby Bro, Sis and I went for our annual light display drive (another tradition). And, in general, I’ve spent the last few days catching up with friends, picking up last-minute gifts, and reflecting on what this year has given me.

It hasn’t always been easy; 2012 was definitely a year of high high’s and low low’s. But here it is, Christmas Day, and I feel so lucky that I am able to say my life today is better than it has been in years. I am a better version of myself than I think I’ve ever been. My life is full of strong friendships with people I hold incredible bonds with. My family and friends are all happy and healthy (and cancer-free!). And 2013 is already shaping up to be a great year.

I am not religious in anyway but I feel quite comfortable with saying that I am truly blessed. My wish for all of you today is that you can think of even the smallest parts of your life or this year and feel the same way. Wherever you spend your holidays, take a moment to appreciate the smiles on people’s faces as they unwrap gifts, pass plates around the table, and take their first bites of the best meal of the year. Help the cook prep dinner, offer to set the table, and make sure everyone gets some fresh air at least once.

Enjoy your company. Be grateful. Offer to help. And just soak it all in. A lot of effort goes into this day… try not to let the madness consume you.

Merry Christmas, friends!