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November 2012

Update: November 2012 Budget & Goals

November 30, 2012

Looking back at my November budget post, I remember how excited I felt about the thought of a new month… and now all I’m seeing is red! Before you see red too, remember this: I got an unexpected vacation payout from my last job, this month, which helped me put a little extra on my debt, pay for a flight to NYC and do some shopping too.

My original plan for this month was to put 31.5% of my budget towards debt repayment and 17.5% into savings. With my overages in other areas, I only ended up putting 30% towards my debt and 15% into savings. But I also paid for a few Christmas presents and bought myself a new pillow and some warmer sweaters for winter.

Ready to see a little more red? Let’s see how many of my goals I didn’t cross off my list this month! :P

Other goals for this month:

  • Track my spending and continue posting weekly spending reports – PASS!
  • Join GoodLife Fitness – FAIL! You all know about that…
  • Continue counting calories on Lose It! – PASS! I ate an average of 1,388.8 calories per day. I don’t have a scale but I’m finally wearing my next next size down jeans. And those new sweaters I bought? They were one size down too.
  • Workout at least 3x per week – FAIL! Stating the obvious!
  • Participate in #NaNoWriMo – PASS/FAIL! I participated but I didn’t write all 50,000 words. I reached 33,000 last weekend and quit. What a fail, right? But I’ve been busy/exhausted all week and sleep just seemed so much more important. (I will write a post about finishing my book, soon.)

Ok, so maybe I was being too hard on myself. That’s about a 50/50 split, for pass/fail! (And did I mention I’ve officially paid off more than $21,000 of debt now!?)

How did your month finish up?

Weekly Spending: November 12-25, 2012

November 25, 2012

I have to stop doing two weeks’ worth of spending reports at once! This looks incredibly scary…

At a quick glance, I can see a couple of problems with my spending: 1) I’m obsessed with Starbucks’ holiday drinks and 2) last week, I sucked at meal planning. I’ve already made sure these patterns won’t be repeated this week, by buying enough groceries (including almond milk for office coffee) to get me to next weekend.

The one thing I did do for myself this weekend was buy a few things that have been on my wishlist since I got here. First, I bought my favourite memory foam pillow from Costco. Then I bought a couple warmer sweaters, slippers, gloves and a toque, as well as some hand cream for my purse (the cold air is making my hands extremely dry).

While the total amount spent over the last two weeks seems huge, 43% of that was put towards debt, with another 12% going into two of my savings accounts. And then there’s all the money I’m wasting on TTC tokens… bleh.

No spend day!

Vacation Payout!

-$4.80 Starbucks

Pay Day!
-$705 Debt
-$100 Emergency Fund
-$100 Future Apartment
-$245.45 flight to NYC

-$13 TTC tokens
-$5.20 Starbucks
-$12.98 Green Papaya

-$42.30 Panago

-$19.20 Winners
-$4.15 Starbucks

-$13 TTC tokens
-$5.65 Sobeys

-$25 Starbucks

-$7.11 Ajimi Sushi
-$39.39 groceries
-$26 TTC tokens

-$7.32 Sobeys
-$40 night out at the movies

-$3 Tim Horton’s
-$4.68 Sobeys

-$4.92 Starbucks
-$70 Costco
-$18.07 Hothouse Cafe

-$19.95 Smith Restaurant
-$73.40 H&M
-$13.56 The Body Shop
-$19.80 groceries
-$26 TTC tokens

Total Out: -$1,668.93

I’m Going to New York!

November 23, 2012

Yes, you read that correctly. Three weeks from today, Roomie, one of her best friends and I will be flying to New York City!

I’ve wanted to see NYC at Christmas time since as long as romantic comedies existed. I’m going to shop for a pair of black gloves and, as soon as I find the right pair, my future husband and I will reach for them at the same time. We will flirt over frozen hot chocolates at Serendipity 3, until we come to an agreement on the gloves (I will get to keep them) and then go our separate ways. Years later, we will finally meet again at an outdoor skating rink and, when he finds that the moles on my arm form the same shape as Cassiopeia, we’ll kiss and live happily ever after.

Ok, but seriously, I am huge fan of Christmas lights and all the joy that comes with the holiday season. In Victoria, I could go on the same driving route to view the same sets of lights – and with the same peppermint hot chocolate – for the entire month of December. This year, I’ll get to walk by some of the best displays I will probably ever see.

Unfortunately, we’re only going for 3 days, which doesn’t give me much time to see all of the other things I’ve always wanted to see in the city. The one plan I do have so far is to pop into the LearnVest office, so I can finally meet all of the ladies I’ve been working with / getting to know this past year (so excited!). Other than that, I can only imagine I’ll be going back to our room every night with sore feet, from all the walking we’ll be doing.

As for my budget, our flights were just over $200 roundtrip, our accommodation should be about the same each, and I’m still working out what my spending budget will be (I need to see how November finishes up). Until I work that out, I’ll be reading through Katie’s posts and asking Money Maus to share a few recommendations of her own.

Have you ever been to NYC? Name one thing I absolutely have to do/see/eat!