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April 2012

Update: April 2012 Budget & Goals

April 30, 2012

april 2012 actual budget

*See that -$50.42 total? I should’ve made it red… my bad! And yes, I was $50 over budget this month.

This month, I had planned on putting 30% of my income on debt, including $300 on my credit card. However, once I saw that my balance was only $500, I knew I wanted to do whatever I could to make sure I wiped it out. That meant no new running shoes but it was worth it. In the end, 35% of my spending was on debt and my credit card now has a $0 balance. I won’t miss having that on my monthly budget!

Another 11% of my spending was put into savings, up 1% from the 10% I was planning on putting away. I stopped saving for the Canadian Personal Finance Conference, when I started fundraising for the Bold Academy, because I won’t be able to go back east if I spend the month of July in Colorado. More on that tomorrow…

The rest of my overages were basically spent on food and take-out coffee. No surprise there! And as for my monthly goals, I didn’t accomplish everything I wanted to but am still happy with the things I did do. Check it out:

  • Continue counting calories on Lose It! – DONE! I tracked everything I ate this month.
  • Workout 4x per week – FAIL! I worked out 3x per week.
  • Put $5 into a jar, whenever I workout – DONE! I have $65 in a savings account.
  • Finally buy myself a new pair of running shoes – FAIL! But that’s ok.
  • Read Mockingjay by Susanne Collins – FAIL! I started reading a few books this month but Mockingjay was shelved; at least for the time being.

How did you do this month?

April #PFWorkout Update

April 29, 2012

For anyone new to Blonde on a Budget, #pfworkout is a hashtag personal finance bloggers use on Twitter to share exercise, weight loss and healthy living accomplishments. Each month, I set personal goals and post updates on my progress.

Last month, I decided to stop making excuses and start taking control of my physical health and happiness. I lost 8 lbs. and 4.5 inches in March. April on the other hand… well, there were a few excuses in April.

Housesitting was the first excuse I used. It was a fairly valid one, at least during the work week. But then most weekends I ended up only working out once, other than walking the dog. I also gave in to a lot of food cravings, this month. There’s no excuse for that one but the one good thing about eating bad food is that, after a month of eating so well, I was able to see how certain foods really affect me.

Nevertheless, I didn’t lose much weight this month…

This month, I:

  • worked out on 13 of 30 days (including today)
  • ate an average of 1676.5 calories each day (tracked on LoseIt!)
  • lost 2.2 lbs.
  • lost 3.5″

Adding last month’s numbers, I’m down 10.2 lbs. and 8 inches. I’m a little bummed about April’s progress but am using that as motivation for May. And at least those 13 workouts put $65 in my future clothing shopping spree account!

What #pfworkout updates are you most proud from this month? Haven’t used the hashtag yet? Join in anytime!